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Greenacre Auto Electrical follows the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and uses only R134a as the replacement for the older R12 refrigerant. With over 30 year’s experience, we are able to offer the highest level of car air-conditioning service and workmanship.

Our qualified technicians specialise in car air-conditioning service. Our service list includes:

  • Identify the type of gas in the system
  • Diagnose and Repair all air conditioning problems
  • Vacuum system for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Recharge with R134A refrigerant , Fluro dye and oil
  • Leak test all components
  • Carry out pressure and temperature test
  • We repair and service compressors
  • Convert Pre 1994 vehicles from old CFC R12 gas to New R134a gas
  • Repair and modify - All Hoses and Pipes including
  • Eliminate bad odours from your air conditioner
  • Repair climate control systems
  • Remove and replace the filter unit if necessary
  • Check condition of the compressor and condenser unit
  • Check condition of all hoses and wiring harnesses
  • Pressure test the system

Our prices at Greenacre Auto Electrical are cost effective with fast efficient service. We are affordable and our waiting periods are certainly kept to a minimal.

Your car air conditioning system is a series of machinery, pipes and filters which needs regular servicing much like your car’s engine. We recommend an annual service to ensure the efficiency and cleanliness of your car air conditioning. So come on into our Greenacre store, give us a try, you will not be disappointed.